brillant-law-consulting-1920Our attorneys have achieved numerous appellate successes over the years. Two of our most successful appeals are Borikas v. Alameda Unified School District and McArthur v. McArthur. Both cases pertained to unique issues involving narrow and unrelated subjects in California law. These appellate victories underscore the quality of work our attorneys perform and the wide-ranging subjects our attorneys handle at the appellate level.

Successful appeals include those reversing trial court decisions and defeating attempts by unsuccessful litigants seeking to reverse trial court decisions. Understanding how appellate courts function allows us to appropriately prepare your case to avoid a possible appeal if you prevail at trial and to increase the possibility of reversing the trial court decision, if it goes against you. While it is our hope and desire not to proceed to the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court, there are some cases that are destined for the appellate courts due to the issues in the case. If your case requires us to continue to the appellate courts or we are being hired to provide appellate services, rest assured our attorneys are knowledgeable and ready to serve you to achieve the best results in your interest.