Top 5 Estate Planning Mistakes

    Proper planning can help you avoid any of the following top 5 estate planning mistakes. Not only will this ensure your estate is passed on as you intended, it will help prevent disputes among family members.. Top 5 Estate Planning Mistakes Not Having an Estate Plan– Everybody needs to plan their estate. Do not make the mistake in thinking that you can hold off and wait a few more years. Planning the distribution of your assets will actually … Continued

How to Avoid Living Trust Scams

Nobody likes to be scammed. Especially when preparing maters concerning end of life issues. Trusting a reputable estate planning attorney to prepare your living trust is the best advice, if you’re wondering how to avoid living trust scams. The following signs might indicate you’ve ventured into a living trust trap. (Or at least help you avoid one.) buying cialis canada online Signs of Living Trust Scams Living trusts are subject to many promoter scams. Here are the things you should … Continued