How to Avoid Living Trust Scams

Nobody likes to be scammed. Especially when preparing maters concerning end of life issues. Trusting a reputable estate planning attorney to prepare your living trust is the best advice, if you’re wondering how to avoid living trust scams. The following signs might indicate you’ve ventured into a living trust trap. (Or at least help you avoid one.) buying cialis canada online Signs of Living Trust Scams Living trusts are subject to many promoter scams. Here are the things you should … Continued

Wills vs. Living Trusts

A will makes the process of distributing your assets easier. After your death, this legal document transfers your finances, property, belongings, and even the guardianship of minor children to specified individuals. While a will still protects your assets, it becomes a public record document and will most likely go through probate. <a href="http://cialislowestpriceforyou click to find out”>best generic viagra uk online viagra order erfahrungen levitra 10 mg What is a Living Trust? A living trust becomes effective as soon … Continued

Top 5 Reasons to Do Estate Planning

While one might not want to think about the inevitable, it’s eventually going to happen. The following top 5 reasons you need to do estate planning prove that no matter how old you are or how much money you have, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. 1 – Ease the Family Burden Estate planning specifies the individual(s) who will inherit your property and all of your assets once you’re gone. If you have minor children, estate planning will … Continued