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Many lawyers involved in trust and estate litigation are fundamentally estate planners with limited or no experience handling a major contested matter in the probate courts. Other attorneys are civil litigators with little or no experience in the field of trusts and estates. This firm is different and comes with years of experience and seasoning in the probate courts. Our lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of the substantive law and unique procedures applicable to probate, conservatorship, and trust disputes.

The firm is known in the Bay Area as an expert in the highly specialized field of trust and estate litigation. The many accomplishments are due in part to the credibility the firm brings to court. The firm is comfortable in crossexamining a witness, arguing an arcane point of trust law, and deposing hostile witnesses. Equally important the firm understands how to build consensus with beneficiaries and court-appointed counsel.

The firm has had enormous success in the trial courts in probate matters of all types. Because of the successes in court, the firm has the credibility to obtain the most favorable settlements of disputes for our clients in mediation or even before there is litigation. The firm counsels clients about litigation avoidance and can provide advice that only comes from years of experience in the courtroom.

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