How to Avoid Living Trust Scams

Nobody likes to be scammed. Especially when preparing maters concerning end of life issues. Trusting a reputable estate planning attorney to prepare your living trust is the best advice, if you’re wondering how to avoid living trust scams. The following signs might indicate you’ve ventured into a living trust trap. (Or at least help you avoid one.) buying cialis canada online

Signs of Living Trust Scams

Living trusts are subject to many promoter scams. Here are the things you should look for to avoid being duped while you’re planning estate matters.

Deceptive Documents– If you’re being pitched a living trust scam you might have been told all documents have been prepared by an attorney. Attorneys do not write pre-printed documents disguised as legitimate paperwork. Do yourself a favor and skip the kits, as well as whoever sells them.

You’ll Avoid Creditors- Have you been told you’ll avoid creditors by executing a living trust? Generally, assets are always subject to creditors throughout your lifetime and a living trust cannot protect you from your creditors. After death all of your assets within a living trust will be subject to your estate’s creditors.

You Have No Idea What to Do- Did you receive your living trust preparation kit without further instructions on how to fund your trust, let along write it? A reputable estate planning lawyer will guide you in the process and answer all of your questions. If you’re in the dark, you might be victim to a living trust scam. buy viagra online california

False Claims– Have you been told the executed living trust will protect you from estate taxes and probate costs? According to the AARP, “most people don’t need to worry about probate or estate taxes.” False claims and exaggerated promises are tell-tale when spotting a living trust scam.

What to Do

While anyone can fall for a con-artist’s claims, most targeted trust scam victims are over the age of 50. To protect yourself always be wary of door-to-door, telemarketing, or mail solicitations. When in doubt never sign anything, and never buy on impulse.

If you’ve fallen prey to a scam promoter you should seek legal counsel from your State Bar immediately. While non-practicing attorneys do not need to follow Bar rules, they could be unlawfully practicing without a license.

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